miércoles, 16 de abril de 2008

"Cómo paro esta lluvia" (Diptic) 72x60 inches 2007

2007 labyrinths

"Asi como en la tierra" 48x36 inches" 2007
"Entre la cama y la pared" 24x36 inches 2007

"¿Donde estas corazón?" 48x36 inches 2004

2003 labyrinths.

"Only way to found you" 48x60 inches 2003

"A kingdom is burning" 48x48 inches 2003

"Pregúntale al corazón" 44x44 inches 2003

"Fruta discordante" 44x44 inches 2003

Personages and Cuba at the labyrinths

"Laberinto de la Memoria"36x48 inches 2004

"Dos caminos" 36x48 inches 2003

"Gods and believers" 48x36 2003

2003 personages

"Daily walk" 40x30 inches 2003

"Mama's boys" 48x36


"Everybody nose" 60x36 inches 2002

"Buscando al hombre justo" 48x36 inches 2002

"What a melon smile" 60x48 inches 2001


"King reading" 18x24 2000

"Beware of dog" 40x30 1998


"Pink bowltie" 56x42 inches 1999
"Yellow biker" 48x36 inches 1997

"Red scarf" 48x60 inches 1997


As part of a serie I paint some fruits in 1997 , these were 22x28 inches.
"Linchamiento de la escoba" (top) was made at Newark, NJ and "The Brune is back" was made at Miami, FL.